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"SoulSync Conception was a game-changer. I released old energies from a previous loss, and felt uplifted in every area of my life. Christel's teachings helped me prepare my body and mind for pregnancy. By the end of the course, I felt empowered and deeply connected to my future child. I conceived shortly after, and the journey has been nothing short of pure magic."

Martha Brunswick, Ohio

Connect Spiritually with Your Baby during Pregnancy & Allow your child to be Born with Ease, and Confidence

Join the 6-Week Course SoulSync Conscious Birth

How I Developed my Intuition, Prepared my Body, and Approached Birth with Ease and Knowingness through Conscious Breathing, Telepathy and Qigong, and how you can too. This connection with my child resulted in an absolute painless home-birth. And I helped over 200 women to experience the same!

Hi, I am Christel,

I am a Spiritual Birth Doula

and I can help you to Communicate Telepathically to your Unborn Baby

And when you do, it enhances your well-being on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. This connection not only prepares you physically for childbirth but also brings immense emotional relief and spiritual clarity, enriching your journey into motherhood and above all making your child feel loved for who it truly is.

What we Offer

Workshops and Classes Soul Telepathy Conception and Pregnancy, Full Womb Awakening, Qi Gong

Our workshops and classes on Full Womb Awakening, Telepathy, and QiGong connect with the life force within, fostering Embodied Awakening and developing Extrasensory Perception to create physical and spiritual wellbeing

Mentorship and Coaching if you are ready to Conceive or currently Pregnant

Designed by Christel who has 25+ years of experience and proven results in the field of Telepathic Communication with incoming souls and Fertility as well as guidance regarding miscarriages and abortions.

Professional Doula Training

Become a Spiritual Birth Doula

Embark on a 1-year transformative journey to become a Spiritual Birth Doula, where you will learn to integrate holistic practices and intuitive guidance to support expectant mothers through the sacred process of childbirth.

Discover Our Top-Rated Classes Elevate Your Intuition and Develop Deep Trust in your Body and Bond with your Baby.

300+ more skillful Telepathy, Intuition, Mediumship and QiGong sessions you can explore on the Telepathy9D. app

The Book

Clouds in Bodies

The Essential Guide to Conscious Conception of the New Energy Children

by Christel Janssen

"Clouds in Bodies" is a thought-provoking exploration into the intimate connection between the physical and the metaphysical realms, specifically focusing on the profound bond between mothers and their unborn children.

Authored by a pioneer in the field of conscious conception, the book delves into how expectant mothers can foster a deep, spiritual connection with their babies even before conception. Through a blend of personal insights and spiritual guidance, "Clouds in Bodies" offers readers transformative perspectives and practical advice on nurturing a prenatal environment, ultimately enhancing the journey of pregnancy and the lifelong relationship that follows.



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About Telepathy9D.

The Future of Communication is Telepathy

Telepathy9D is a pioneering platform designed to enhance the connection between women, and couples, and their unborn children. Rooted in the philosophy of conscious conception we offer a unique blend of guided meditations, insightful resources, and personalized support to foster a deep, spiritual bond during pregnancy. By integrating cutting-edge technology with ancient wisdom, Telepathy9D helps expectant mothers tune into their intuitive abilities, promoting a harmonious journey from conception to birth.

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Weekly Interactive Sessions, Workshops and Retreats, online and in the body, on Kauai and Beyond

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What Women Say

Attending the Women’s Fertility and Wellness Retreat was the best decision I made for my fertility journey. The holistic approach, the supportive group, and the beautiful setting of Kauai were exactly what I needed to feel empowered and hopeful. And now I am pregnant!

Cathy Fisher

The Pregnancy class offered by Christel has been an invaluable part of my pregnancy journey. Each session was tailored with exercises and discussions that made me feel understood and supported. The breathing techniques and visualization practices have helped me manage stress and bond with my baby in a way I never thought possible

Kristin Watson

This class was a turning point for us. After struggling with conception, the Conscious Conception class gave us a new perspective and tools to approach our situation with more calmness and positivity. Christel was incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic, making every lesson valuable. We now feel empowered and more aligned with each other's desires and emotions.

Alberta Flores

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Telepathy9D courses? 

Telepathy9D classes are holistic, interactive sessions designed to deepen your emotional and spiritual connection with your unborn child, enhancing your journey through conception, pregnancy, and beyond.

Why should I enroll in Telepathy9D courses? 

to deepen your understanding and connection with your unborn child, gain valuable insights and techniques for a healthier emotional and spiritual pregnancy, and become part of a supportive community that shares and enhances your journey to parenthood.

How do I enroll in a Telepathy9D course or retreat?

To enroll in a Telepathy9D retreat or course, visit our website and join our community by clicking the "Join Now" button. This will guide you through the registration process and provide you with all the information you need to start your transformative journey with us.

How much do the courses cost?

Prices vary, depending on availability, groups or private sessions, individual pricing plans and coupons. Ask for a personal pricing plan.

What if I have questions or problems during the course?

You are always only one chat away to communicate to other community members or to the teachers and get fast personal advice.

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